tick bite pictureHave you ever come back from being out in the woods, perhaps camping, hunting or fishing, and have ticks on your body?

The little blood suckers latch onto your skin and suck out blood. The bodily fluid contact with these creatures puts you at risk of contracting Lyme disease.

Discovery of The Lyme Disease

You may think Lyme disease has been around forever, and it might have been, but discovery of the disease didn’t happen until 1975. It was thought that all these young children all the sudden had the juvenile version of rheumatoid arthritis, which was really weird and definitely strange.

What’s even worse is that it happened in a concentrated area, none other than the town of Lyme, Connecticut. So of course this made the medical researchers think that there was more to the story behind the children suddenly having those symptoms.

Add to that the fact that the symptoms were being discovered in children during the summer months more often. This is of course peak tick season.

Aside from just the arthritis symptoms, patients also came down with odd rashes. Some of them even remembered a tick bite prior to the development of the rash, and of course the rash came before the arthritis symptoms.

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Erythema migrans RashAll these factors of course led to more investigation, which led researchers to bacteria that can be found inside deer ticks.

Now many people think that Lyme disease can be contracted from any tick, but that isn’t the case. In fact, it has to be a deer tick, which is small.

The other ticks, such as dog ticks and wood ticks, are not going to give you Lyme disease. Of course, that doesn’t mean you want them on your body either, as they still are sucking your blood.

The reason why Lyme disease is associated with deer ticks is because this particular bacteria is usually found inside the ticks that feed on deer for at least a portion of their life cycle.

While Lyme disease is thought of as rare, especially with it only being associated with one type of tick, the number of cases and areas in which the disease can be found is increasing annually at present.

Lyme disease can also be found in other countries as well, prevalent in parts of South America and Asia. While arthritis symptoms were mentioned earlier, other worse symptoms can develop if a person contracts Lyme disease, such as nerve, brain and even heart problems.

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