Wheatgrass, Kale, Spinach and Celery Juice

My friend, Shana gave me this book, “The Everything Juicing Book” for my birthday and I use it often to help me create great, healthy juices.  Today was my first time juicing wheatgrass.  According to “The Everything Juicing Book”, wheatgrass is said to increase red blood cell count and has a high concentration of vitamins and enzymes.  It strengthens our cells and detoxifies the liver and bloodstream.  It also neutralizes environmental pollutants.

There is also a section in this book about juicing for parasitic infections, like Lyme.  Parasites feed on sugar so you should eat fresh fruit sparingly.  The following foods help protect your body’s natural resistance to parasitic larvae and also helps your body build up your immune system to help fight infections:  Kale, parsley, spinach, chard, broccoli and romaine and red-leaf lettuce.  You can substitute or add red-leaf lettuce and parsley to this recipe if you’d like!

What you’ll need:

3 – Celery Stalks, leaves attached
1 cup of Wheatgrass
1 handful of Spinach
1/2 Lemon, peeled
3 Kale leaves

Juice ingredients in order. Serve.

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4 thoughts on “Wheatgrass, Kale, Spinach and Celery Juice

  1. Looks like a lovely green cocktail. I will try to make it this very evening! Thanks for sharing this healthy drink :)

      • I live in albany new york and would love for my 18 yr. Old to try this but I can’t get my hands on wheatgrass. Any suggestions? I am ddsperate to help her get stronger!

  2. This is a really healthy all green juice. People who’s been juicing a while would absolutely love it. For beginners though, this might be a tad bit too strong. I came across a kale wheatgrass carrot apple juice that might be a little easier on people who are not used to green juices. The sweetness of the apple and carrot will make it much easier to drink.

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