Another Unwelcome Member of My Family – LYME

My brother has Lyme.

For a year now, my brother and I have talked about the pain he was experiencing in certain joints, his shoulder and foot.  I originally thought they were just injuries from the physical training he is required to do in the military.  Then, a few months (or more) ago he got what he thought was pink eye that never went away and just got worse after treatment.  He called me because he remembered when I had really bad infections in both of my eyes that eventually resulted in a ruptured cornea in one of my eyes.  (Hmmm…this was two years ago, and as I’m writing this, I realize how eerily similar our stories are now.  Did I have Lyme then?  Who knows…something to think about….but now back to my original story about my brother…) He was finally referred to an Opthamologist and was told that he had Uveitis and Iritis.  Uveitis is swelling and irritation of the urea, the middle layer of the eye.  Uveitis can be caused by autoimmune disorders, infection or exposure to toxins. – Pub Med Health  Iritis can cause the pupil to become misshapen as it did with my brother and is also accompanied by a high risk of serious visual impairment if left untreated.  As soon, as he told me he was now having problems with his eyes, I thought, he has Lyme.  How did he get Lyme in Texas?  I know that Lyme is everywhere now, but even my husband said, there’s no Lyme in TX, how did he get it?  I don’t know if I even told  my brother about this as I am SO afraid of coming off as the paranoid Lymie who thinks everyone with pain in their joints and problems with their eyes MUST have Lyme!  Then, he told me about a colleague’s daughter who had the same symptoms and was recently diagnosed by two different doctors as having junior rheumatoid arthritis by one doctor and Lyme by another doctor.  I knew then that it was highly likely that my brother had Lyme and told him to think about getting the test done, just to be safe.  Deep down, I hoped that it was just a case of Iritis and an injury from running.

A few weeks ago, Brad flew from Texas to visit my mother in New York and upon landing had some serious problems with his eye and got an emergency appointment with an Opthamologist.  His Opthamologist actually told my brother that he thought that his problems with his eye were being caused by Lyme Disease and asked that he get tested.  I have met a handful of people with Lyme who have had problems with their eyes so I suspected Lyme and gave my brother the information about the tests so that he would be better educated when he went to his doctor in Texas.  I didn’t want to scare him and probably even told him, don’t worry, Brad!  It’s probably not Lyme and just an annoying infection!  That’s me!  I wish I had been more assertive in the very beginning.

Two days ago, I got the dreaded text message.  I tested positive for Lyme.  Bands 23, 39 and 41 – Positive.  I was SO angry that this disease had managed its way into my family again and even more upset that it was happening to my baby (sorry, Brad) brother who is due to have a baby with his wife in November.  I thought how unfair this was to happen to the MOST generous and kindest person I know.  The most loyal friend and someone who has been serving his country for over 10 years in the military with tours in South Korea, Pakistan and Kuwait.  And, I’m still upset!  But, my brother is strong and will get through this…without his beer.  It was the one thing that made me laugh; when my brother asked me if this all meant that he couldn’t drink beer anymore.  Haha!  Welcome to the club, Brad.

So, there it is.  Lyme has infected another member of my family but hopefully will NOT infect anymore!

Brad, you will get well and I will be here for you every step of the way.  I love you!



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8 thoughts on “Another Unwelcome Member of My Family – LYME

  1. I am so sorry to hear this awful news. I hope he finds an LLMD quickly and gets the meds he needs. At least he has a sister with lots of experience, who can help him to navigate through all of this.

    I had no idea about these types of eye problems with Lyme. I had sore eye muscles, and you often hear of people having double vision, but I’ve never heard of this. It must be so hard for the public (and most doctors for that matter) to understand and believe how ANY system in the body can be affected. The symptoms can be very different from one person to another.

    Praying for a full recovery for you and your brother.


  2. Hi Brandi!

    So sorry to hear about your brother. It is really hard battling this and watching your loved ones do the same.
    “How did he get Lyme in Texas? I know that Lyme is everywhere now, but even my husband said, there’s no Lyme in TX, how did he get it?”
    Check out this Health info on St Korea…..just a thought.

    Your right, it is everywhere including Australia (unless you ask the Govt.).

    Just heading off to the optometrist now for another check myself. Yesterday they told me I am loosing peripheral vision…… :-( . Lyme sucks ( pun intended). I have only just started treatment because living in a country where it “doesn’t exist” has meant it has taken my 29 years to be diagnosed. Now of course my 4 children and husband also have it.

    Anyways, you’re brother is blessed to have a compassionate ear with you. I hope his treatment goes well.


    • Hi Robyn!

      Thank you so much for the link! I’ve passed it along to my brother. Are you being treated in Australia? I hope that your family recovers from this. I am so incredibly lucky that my husband and kids are healthy. I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you! Thank you so much for your note and I hope that all of you get well soon! xoxo, Brandi

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