My Italian Excursion

I LOVE my appointments with my dentist.  I look forward to perusing the magazine racks in the waiting room and reading and daydreaming about my next vacation in Italy.  I dream about the drive through country roads lined with sunflowers and rolling hills as we approach our villa on top of a hill hidden behind a a row of Cypress trees.  It is so nice to imagine myself sipping a glass of wine while eating these:  prosciutto, arugula and mozzarella on grilled flatbread.

I savor every bite while thoughts of my children terrorizing the babysitter at home flash through my mind.  I smile to myself…this is heaven.  I have managed to turn my thirty minute wait at my dentist’s office into a beautiful vacation in Perugia, Italy.  This is where I slept…


And this is where my flat bread sandwiches were made…


Oh, and honey…you were right there with me!  ;-)

I had a wonderful time until I was so rudely interrupted by my hygienist who had to remind me that I was there for a cleaning.  So, away I went, into the dentist’s chair trying to fall back into this blissful Italian dream with the sounds of someone scraping away at my teeth.

After the cleaning, I was seen by my dentist who asks me every time how I am doing and is so understanding of what I have been going through.  He is one of the few doctors that really seems to understand how debilitating this disease can become and how hard it is to find doctors who will even test or treat for Lyme.  He has had two friends who came down with Lyme.  One was paralyzed on the whole right side of his body and is finally doing better after being on antibiotics.  He has another friend who just recently lost 25 pounds in two weeks and went to a world-renowned hospital in Boston (the same hospital I had the pleasure of going and meeting with 6 doctors that diagnosed me with anxiety).  The doctor diagnosed him with testicular cancer and he was due to go in for chemo two weeks ago.  FORTUNATELY, he asked for a Lyme test.  That came back positive so now he is being treated for Lyme and never had testicular cancer in the first place.  How can a doctor make such a HUGE mistake?????  This is absolutely unacceptable.

So, I left my little villa in Italy with clean teeth and a new toothbrush and now I’m off to do some yoga at the gym.  This has turned out to be the most beautiful, relaxing day for me.  I should do this more often.

I hope all of you are enjoying the nice, warm weather.



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3 thoughts on “My Italian Excursion

  1. so interesting about the guy with the testicular cancer. My husband has lyme and is constantly complaining of testicular pain. It’s so interesting how Lyme can affect everyone so differently. I always wonder what will happen when I get better – will I still have dandruff issues? Will i still bruise easily?…etc. I look forward to finding out but of course drandruff is of the least of my concerns… Btw, that place in Italy – wow! now I’m day dreaming about it.

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