Brothers of the Sun Tour

My husband and I went to the Tim McGraw/Kenny Chesney concert on Saturday night with some good friends.  I made Jess’ Summertime Salsa and our friends brought plenty of beer and food for a fun day of tailgating.  They even brought their horns!


We got lots of attention on the drive down to Gillette Stadium for the concert.  Thankfully our friend Chris decided not to attach his American flag to the back of the car as he did last year.

We had a great time eating and drinking before the concert and my husband even met some new friends.


He was our little social butterfly that night.

Tailgating is not the same when you’re not able to enjoy a nice, cold beer…but I enjoyed watching everyone around me!  Especially my husband…


He was more entertaining than Tim and Kenny!

A big thanks to our friends, Chris and Lisa who invited us and for driving us home WAY past our bedtime.

Good times…



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