Kale Juice

I feel like I have had a ton of energy this week compared to previous weeks.  I think that juicing has definitely helped me.  This morning, I made this Kale juice with carrots, celery and apples.  It was quite an ordeal as I had two boys wrestling next to me while I was trying to take pictures and at one point, Finn managed to grab a hold of my camera causing it to tumble to the floor.  Thankfully, it is still in working order.  This blogging thing isn’t always easy!  ;-)

What is so good about kale is that it is a great source of calcium and is also an anti-inflammatory food that helps your joints and strengthens your bones.  It also helps to detox your body and boost your immune system and aids in cancer protection.  Do try to buy organic kale as kale, if not grown organically, is sprayed with so many pesticides.  It’s actually listed as number 8 on the “Dirty Dozen List”, the twelve fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides.


4 small to medium carrots
1 large apple
2 celery stalks
5 leaves of organic kale

Wash all vegetables.  Cut apple into 2-3 inch slices.  Cut celery and carrots in half and remove the stem.

Place all items into the juicer, a few at a time.

Pour into a tall glass and drink within 10 minutes to avoid losing all of the good nutrients.

I feel so much healthier now!